Every day…

… I visit this blog. It never disappoints, and I learn so much!

history girls

The breadth of knowledge displayed by the various post-writers is a wonderful, daily learning experience, and satisfies my quiet passion for history and the many ‘lost’ women.

Last month, they ran a competition, to win a book, and I won – it came in the post last weekblack snow.jpg

What a beautiful object… a neat A5 hardback, beautifully designed front and back with shimmering silver candlesticks and tangled thorn branches, a sheer delight to hold in the hand!

Now I know one cannot judge a book by its cover but now, only having one functioning hand, the physical weight and dimensions of a book, do matter. As does the colour of the pages (these are a perfect soft ivory – bright white honestly hurts my eyes after a short while), and the size of the print (believe me, get to a certain age, and this does make a difference!)

So. it’s a beautifully handsome book and I’m looking forward to reading it – I’m saving it for the dark winter months, which are approaching apace, the golden daylight fades earlier and earlier each evening.


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