Sometimes, another’s words…

… express everything you want to say.Welcome-Mother-Light-bw-lores

Welcome Mother Light

Burn all the clocks,
set light to the solstice bonfire,
hang the season’s wreath
as we pause between
dark and the return of light.
Let the passing of time begin,
lay down the year
gently, like a new-born child.

Set your lantern high,
above the excess of Christmas,
curl up in a comfy chair
and let the full moon solstice
shine into your heart.
Sink down into nature’s lap,
warm yourself
by the midwinter flame.

Let us not hurry to spring,
gather winter’s cloak,
rest in the arms of the Mother
who carries the weight
of the world between her hips.
Hibernate and dream
beside the roaring fire
that is winter set upon us.

Listen to the silence,
wait for the inner door to open,
welcome Mother Light
as she offers her child
to the world.
May we all see Her light,
may all circles of celebration
radiate with love.

©Deborah Gregory 2018 at The Liberated Sheep


3 thoughts on “Sometimes, another’s words…

  1. Thank you so much Claire for posting my winter solstice poem! That’s so very kind of you, much appreciated. I look forward to reading more here on your “a quiet passion” (great name!) website. Warm and wild blessings, Deborah.


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