Day 4

Sprigs from our eucalyptus tree – I love the colours!

I blame the birds for my no-show yesterday… Only a few weeks ago, they were waking me before 4am with their song-filled chatter – now it’s gone 6am and I’m chasing my tail all day trying to catch up!! I did get a post up on my other blog showing my new moonboard, so I wasn’t shirking completely (honest!). And the rest of the day was spent with dear friends I haven’t seen since last summer – all very lovely, but exhausting and I went to bed at 9pm. So there simply wasn’t any time or energy to get writing done for the challenge – not even any noodling or ‘brainstorming’** about writing…

But I’m here today, back on the horse. I may post again with today’s challenge (Day 5), or I may not, depends on how the energy holds out, and I have a meeting this afternoon I’m hosting for which I need to prepare… Oh dear, this is turning into a really moany, complainy post, isn’t it?? I do apologise, but hey, this is all I would have written in my journal, if I weren’t tapping it out here. Some days are like this – just moan, moan, moan – and other days are full of poetry and serenity… and others, well, are full of swearing, and I will not subject anyone to that, just my trusty moleskine pages which are used the blue-hued language (often written in red ink and capital letters when I’m really pi**ed!).

And Day 4’s challenge is something  I do naturally anyway – I always have one or more notebooks lying around (and always in my handbag) in which I capture random thoughts. I never get bored (never did as a child either) as my brain never stops pondering, or my eyes seeing, or my ears hearing, or my nose smelling, or my pen jotting words, images, adjectives… When one is very aware of what one’s senses are picking up at any given moment, there is never time to be bored. If anything, sleep is a godsend – being awake – REALLY awake with constantly twitching antenna – is exhausting (the ‘gift/curse’ of being a Highly Sensitive Person, HSP, I guess!) And I admit I’m grateful that my bedtime cocktail of pills usually knocks me out and I rarely remember dreams…

Well, I am supposed to waffle on for 20 minutes today, but to be honest, I’m boring myself, and it’s gone 8.30am, and I really do have stuff to do… So this is it, an honest, moany post, and if you’ve read to the end, I heartily thank and applaud you 🙂applause1.jpg

** I really can’t stand this word, or the concept. It’s a buzzword, a lazy word, a non-word, a blah-word



2 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. I know! Somedays is that kind of day, it’s better to let it be and start a new day the next morning! We are so similar in many things, I do love Moleskine, my handwriting and pen go according to my mood!


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