Day 8

Ah, Life, it gets busy sometimes, and all our best-laid plans get scuppered… Yesterday, Monday 9.30am, I had a medication review with the doctor (I take A LOT of pills), then I spent the rest of the day with one of my oldest friends (we went to Brownies together!) at her mum’s (who’s a remarkable 90-year-old) who cooked us a fab lunch (pork and bean casserole with mash, homegrown runner beans and peas AND garden plum crumble!). Then today, I was at the hospital for an x-ray at 8.30am on my one good hand (I have very inflamed knuckles – another reason why typing is a slow, painful process), before my weekly hydrotherapy at 9.30am – after which I usually sleep for two-plus hours from sheer exhaustion! All of which is to explain why I’m attempting to write something at 6.15pm on yesterday’s prompt…

It’s a great prompt – it’s all about planning. They show this planwriting plan.png … and ask us to draw up our own. So here’s mine:

Weekly goal: 2,500-3,000 words

Monday: Make notes on essay topic

Tuesday: Rest day (no writing)

Wednesday: Write 500-750 words

Thursday: Write 500-750 words

Friday: Write 500-750 words

Saturday: Write 500-750 words

Sunday: Sabbath, resting, noodling day

Who knows how doable/realistic it is, but hey, it’s a plan… And that’s Day 8 done – yay for me!



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