Day 10

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I’ve fallen off the wagon (today is really Day 13 of the 14-day challenge), but I do have a doctor’s note… After weeks of red, swollen, painful joints and limited mobility in my one ‘good’ useable hand, after an x-ray on Tuesday, after a visit to my GP yesterday, I have a diagnosis. The good news is it’s NOT rheumatoid-arthritis, yay! It is inflammatory osteoarthritis and this ‘flare up’ could last 2 to 3 months… and only if I limit its use as much as possible (not easy when my right arm is totally paralysed), so no more typing, scrolling, computer work for me, or any ‘unnecessary’ tasks :/ So, yet another enforced blog break… And if you see me wandering around with unbrushed hair and unbuttoned clothes, you’ll know why.


2 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Dear Claire, sorry to hear about it! I missed your posts and decided to check out what is going on! Hope you are feeling better. Hugs and love your way!


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