A poem…

Amy Abshier
Art by Amy Abshier

They speak of a well of grief.

To me, there’s no well,

just a lump, a clod, a weight

where my heart should be.

I don’t even know why.

It’s not an anniversary,

I’m not missing a certain someone.

Just this weight, I can’t shift.

This clod, clogging up

my thinking, my feeling.

Maybe it’s the weather –

the grey dampness

soaking into my bones.

Maybe it’s the dark days

of this dark month..

Maybe it’s the heaviness

of being human,

in this so sad world.

Surely, I don’t know.

So I sit in ignorance

with this weight in my chest,

where my heart should be.


(written at 5.15pm)


2 thoughts on “A poem…

  1. Dear Claire, this resonates so much with me. I feel I’m going down, I can’t write or create anything, I just posted fe​w words about it.


  2. A true marriage of words and image! Great writing, I too felt moved and resonated deeply. The long, dark months and other shadowy things came to mind. Warm and wild blessings, Deborah.


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