Day 3

aaron burden pen writing
Aaron Burden at Unsplash

The topic today is about cutting back on the Busyness to make room for writing, which means prioritising and delegating and reframing tasks into what’s really important… My problem is not busyness – or lack of time (I have all the time I could possibly need to write!) No, it’s lack of energy… when one has only X-number of spoons of energy to expend in a day, it’s all about prioritising where that energy is going to go. Getting showered and dressed takes a fair portion of my energy allowance (hence I’m writing here in my pjs šŸ™‚ ). It’s why I do all forms of writing first thing in the morning – daily journal pages, to do lists, emails, blog posts, etc. I take frequent rests and naps throughout the day to bolster my energy reserves to get me through to bedtime.

The other task today is to write a list of all you would write if you had all the time (or energy!) in the world – so here’s my list, in no particular order, just as they occur to me pecking at the keyboard right now:

  • why Virginia Woolf is so important to me
  • why I long to visit Charleston and Monk’s House
  • why I want to visit Iona
  • memoir pieces – Oxford, Kenya, California, trying to start a family, early motherhood, my own childhood, the stroke, the past decade
  • what/who I mean by ‘God’
  • why Art is so important
  • what I mean by ‘Soul’
  • what are Beauty, Truth, etc.
  • why I enjoy tarot/oracle cards
  • why books are vital to my well-being
  • why writing is vital to my well-being
  • why I hardly ever read fiction any more (yet I enjoy film/TV dramas)
  • leaving an annotated photo album for the kids of our life so far
  • why I enjoy football (lifelong Liverpool FC fan)
  • why I adore the 1920s (or rather the period between the Two World Wars)
  • why I love trees and being in Nature
  • favourite magazines and books (and why they are favourites)
  • why writing letters is important
  • what is Church?
  • the internet – friend or foe?
  • what is ‘middle-age’?
  • what is personhood?

I guess that’s enough to be getting on with šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. What I wonderful list! Please do them, even if it means doing them in sunrise moments in your PJs. Do you know ‘the artists way’ by Julia Cameron? I did her ‘morning pages’ for many years before I dared to think of myself as a writer. But I realised that with that 45 minutes of golden time in the morning I had written at least a first draft of a novel! What a revelation. Keep going!


  2. I love your list – which is, in turn, inspiring me to write my own. Thank you for finding the energy to post these daily posts – it is a luxury to read them and be prompted by them xx


  3. Wow, Claire! Such good prompts! Hope you work on them, and post some of them. I’d love to read some of them, like the Woolf, tarot, the 1920s.


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